How To Draw Megaman Step by Step Tutorial

Welcome to this drawing lesson where you can learn how to draw Megaman.
6 very easy steps to learn How to draw Megaman. This is a step-by-step Megaman drawing tutorial for beginners and intermediaries.

Required supplies

I think you must understand that drawing requires some tools or materials. I have shown is my drawing materials in the list below. I use all of these tools to create Megaman drawing tutorials.

  1. Drawing paper (use a good quality paper and size your requirements.
  2. Pencil (always using 2B pencil)
  3. eraser or rubber
  4. Use small paper
How To Draw Megaman
How To Draw Megaman

Step 1: Basic Outline

Step 1: Draw Basic Outline
Step 1: Draw Basic Outline

Draw the first outline with light pencil lines that you can erase again easily. 
Begin with a circle for Megaman’s head. Below it there should be enough space on your paper for three more circles of the same size.

Draw a box below the circle. Give it the same height as the head. It should be no broader than the circle, rather slightly narrower.

Draw the legs growing out of the box’s bottom slightly spread. Then attach Megaman’s huge boots to them. In total, the legs with boots should be about 2 heads high, just as large as circle and box together.

Draw a cube next to Megaman’s shoulder as a placeholder for his fist. On the other side, you can draw the upper arm ending in a thin joint. Add an almond shape below the cube for the lower arm on this side.

Let it reach down to the same level as the box’s bottom. On the other arm you add a thick oval shape for Megaman’s gun, but give it a straight edge at the bottom. Now connect the upper lifted arm with the torso.

Note that the line from the elbow doesn’t start at the very tip of the almond shape. That’s because Megaman is wearing a glove, and the actual arm lies a bit below it.
On the other side, you attach a short barrel to the gun, and our first outline of Megaman is competing

Step 2: Draw Megaman Head and Helmet

Step 2: Draw Megaman Head and Helmet
Step 2: Draw Megaman Head and Helmet

Lightly draw a cross into the middle of the circle. This will help us to draw a symmetric helmet and face.

Begin drawing the helmet with two curves that start at the center, slightly below the middle line.

Let them curve upward and outward a bit. Then you change the direction and let them go down and slightly inwards. The full helmet is a bit narrower than the circle.

Connect the circle’s top with smooth curves to the edges of the previously drawn lines.
Note that the helmet has a certain thickness where the inner lines meet the outer lines; they don’t just meet at a sharp angle.

Now draw in Megaman’s heart-shaped face. It starts where the horizontal axis touches the helmet. Let the chin touch the circle’s bottom.

Now you can carefully erase the axes in the circle. Redraw the helmet where necessary, afterward.

When you look closely, you can see that there is an additional line running along the rim of the helmet at the sides of the face. This line is giving thickness to the helmet. Draw it in, and erase a bit of the face at the top if necessary.

Place two squares on top of the helmet, one of them reaching slightly above the helmet’s crest.

Also, attach two “ears” at the helmet’s sides. They should largely fill the space between helmet and circle.

Now you can finally erase the entire circle. Draw a line into each of the squares on the helmet’s top. Then add a frame for Megaman’s neck below his chin.

Step 3: Draw Megaman Face

Step 3: Draw Megaman Face
Step 3: Draw Megaman Face

Draw a frame for Megaman’s eyes into each side of the face. Leave the frames open towards the middle. Their shape will have a strong influence on the emotional look of Megaman.

At the top I made the frames go down in straight lines, which will make for a slightly angry look.
If you want Megaman to look happy, keep the top of the frames rounded.

Add a thin oval into each eye for the pupil.

Separate the lower part of the pupil with a curved line from the rest.
Also, place the nose as a small triangle between the eyes. It should lie on the level of the eye frame’s bottom.

Now draw the mouth with a single line, and bring out the shape of the lower lip with a small oval below it. Again, you can choose a different emotional expression and draw a happy smiling mouth, or whatever you prefer.

Finally, draw three curved lines on Megaman’s cheeks, just on the lower edge of the eyes, and the face is complete.

Step 4: Draw Torso Details

Step 4: Draw Torso Details
Step 4: Draw Torso Details

How about some steel-pants for our robot? Draw them into the lower part of the box, and let them reach between the legs in the middle.

Erase the bottom line of the box-Then outline two joints where the legs go into the pants. Also redraw the sides of the box a bit, so that the pants are slightly broader than the body above them.

This looks now like the body is actually sticking inside of the pants.

Step 5: Draw Megaman Fist

Step 5: Draw Megaman Fist
Step 5: Draw Megaman Fist

The fist is important, because it gets a lot of attention in the picture.
So let’s do a good job and draw it slowly in four steps.

Begin by dividing the top of the box into four separate fingers.
Then outline the knuckles at their roots with a few short curves.

Now erase the sides of the box and replace them with slightly curved lines. The left line goes up all the way, while the right one stops shortly before it reaches the fingers.

Now outline the outer sides of the fingers. You draw one straight line going along the upper left side of the box, and then you just connect all lines with small curves. On the last finger, you let a line go down towards the box’s bottom, and then curve back towards the palm.

Now you can erase everything that is left of the original box so that only the new lines remain. And as a final touch, you draw two short lines that separate the fully visible finger into its three segments (see arrows).

Step 6: Draw Megaman Final Touch

Step 6: Draw Megaman Final Touch
Step 6: Draw Megaman Final Touch

We’re almost done.
This is just for the last touch. Outline the elbow-joint on the raised arm, and add a row of squares along the gun’s side.

Make the knee-joints slightly visible behind the top of the boots, and draw a few curved lines on the boots themselves to emphasize their rounded shape.

Now Megaman is ready to go.

Draw Megaman
Draw Megaman

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