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How To Draw The Golden Gate Bridge Step by Step Drawings Tutorial

Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic civil stature of  San Francisco. It’s one of the most famous bridges in the USA. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the longest suspension-type bridges in the world.

Hey, all-new artist do you want to know how to draw the Golden Gate Bridge? Yes, you are in the right place to learning the Golden Gate Bridge drawing. Here I am showing you how you can draw the Golden Gate Bridge within a few steps.

It’s a one perspective drawing. You want to improve your perspective on drawing skills. I think is one of the most helpful tutorials for every perspective drawing learn.

We need some drawing materials for this drawing. First you collected all of this drawing materials. I shownig a list for i am using this through this drawing.

  1. Drawing paper or skatchbook
  2. 2B or HB Pencil
  3. scale
  4. eraser
  5. Pencil shapers

My artist, I am using all of these tools in the golden gate perspective drawing. You can use it as you want. let’s jump into the step by step guides.

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Step by Step How To Draw The Golden Gate Bridge

First I am clear you this I a landscape perspective drawing. Here I am showing only the sea portion of the golden gate bridge drawing. In this drawing, we saw two main pilers of the brides.

Step 1:

In this step draw a line for mountain landscape.You can follow my image. For your drawing.

Step 2:

This step draw another line for landscape.

Step 3:

Draw another line similar to my images.

Step 4:

Draw a straight line then draw another straight line.

Step 5:

Draw 4 vertical straight line. Then draw the rest of line.

Step 6:

In this step need some detailing.

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9:

Step 10:

How To Draw The Golden Gate Bridge Step by Step Drawings Tutorial

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