How to draw collars Step by Step

Welcome to my new artist or a fashion designer. My name is suban Kundu. I have more than 10 years of drawing experience. I’m sharing my drawing experience with you by this Do you want to know How to draw a collar? Then it’s the right place for you. In this tutorial, I show you steps by steps How to drawn collars.

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How to draw collars
How to draw collars

With this website, you can learn how to draw collars and many other drawing tutorials.
After following all the steps, I guarantee you can easily draw a collar.

Basic Requirements :

Before going into collar drawing tutorials collect out some basic tools needed below.

  • Pencil (Recommended 2B pencil)
  • marker
  • eraser or rubber
  • White paper(using good quality paper)
  • compass
  • Scale

However, you can simply draw a collar using a pencil or marker and paper. I have focused this tutorial on new artists. So I’m trying to show you an easy way to draw a collar. I have seen all my drawing tools for these collar drawing tutorials in the image below.

how to draw collars drawing tools

How to draw collars steps by steps tutorials

I hope you are collected all required tools. So we can go to collar drawing tutorial.

Step 1:

Open your sketch book or pickup a paper and hold on pencil on the hand.

Collars drawing steps one for Beginners drawing guides.
Collars drawing steps one for Beginners drawing guides.

Draw a horizontal line using any scale. Make sure all lines draw lightly because in the future we erase this line. Dark lines can be damaged your paper when it removes. So all pencil lines always draw lightly.

I am drawing my horizontal line 15 cm. You can draw any size as you required. Then divided this line in equal portion and mark the middle point. My case’s 7.5 cm because my line length is 15 cm.

Next, draw a vertical line on this point. The vertical line length not fixed but this line draws as your requirement. So guys number one steps is complete.

how to draw jacket collars, How to draw collars step
how to draw jacket collars, How to draw collars step 2.

Step 2:

Now time to using a compass. Set up a compass with a pencil. Marked two points on the vertical line on the upper side. One point to point the distance as your requirement. Your collar height between these two heights.

Mark a point on the lower side of the vertical line. Through the help of this point draw an arc to the first point on the upper side vertical line. Next, draw another arc on the second point of the vertical line. I am showing how looks like this arc.

how to draw shirt collars steps by steps tutorial

Step 3:

Draw two arcs with equal distance from the outmost arc coincide in a horizontal line. Next steps you drew a straight line with an equal degree, like 45 degrees.

draw collar
draw collar

Step 4:

Draw this carves such as me in both side of arc. Then joint to the straight line.

How to draw a collars
How to draw a collars

Step 5:

In this step draw two inclined lines. Draw another straight line for the joint endpoint of the inclined lines.

how to draw a collar shirt
how to draw a collar shirt

Step 6:

Step 6 draw small inner arc. I am showing how you can draw. You follow my image.

how to draw shirt collars steps

Step 7:

Draw two inner lines and dotted lines like in my image. This is the border of the shirt collar. In this step complete our all necessary collar drawing outline. Next steps we draw this outline by a marker pen. So let’s go the next steps.

Step 8:

Below I am showing two pictures in one window. Similar to draw this outline in my right-hand side collar. Draw all out by the marker pen. Draw all lines with the dotted line. When you will be complete all outlines. The final shape of your collar drawing is finished.

collar drawing  tutorial for everyone
collarbone tutorial for everyone

Step 9:

Now we will be removing all the pencil lines with the help of the rubber. I am using apsara non-dust erasure. It’s a very good quality erase at a cheap price. This erases cost around $0.04. Your final drawing completed. Just only need detailing work.

how to draw  human collar not dog collar
how to draw human collar not dog collar

Step 10:

Let’s going to detailing and skating work. Draw the collar button section. Which I forgot. Now our all skating work is completed. Now your final artwork is ready. You learned how to draw collars through the top 10 easy steps

how to draw a shirt collar step by step
how to draw a shirt collar step by step

What are the different types of collar?

having many different types of collar, for man only two to three type collar has. for girls having 16 type collar present. for detail you can read this: read more

women's shirt collar types

we want to women shirt collar type than read this article: women collar types

Final Words:

I have created these drawing tutorials for beginners and intermediate students, so I have shown you these 10 easy steps. But if you are an expert, you can draw a marked pen directly.

Do you like my tutorial? You can share it with your friends and family. For any mistakes please comment below.

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