How To Draw an Ostrich Step by Step

Hello, my reader in this tutorial I am showing How To Draw an Ostrich Step by Step in few minutes. We know the ostrich is a wild bird. I am trying to make this tutorial as easy as possible.

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Requirements :

Table of Contents

My, all artists need some drawing materials. Which materials I am using in this drawing I am providing a list. you can use this material.

  • Paper
  • pencil
  • marker
  • eraser
  • Pencil shaper

Step 1:

Ostrich drawing step 1

Draw a shape like my drawing. Always draw the construction line very light. You can use 2B pencil for light drawing of outline.

Step 2:

Ostrich drawing step 2

Now draw a Tail outline similar to a given image. It is ostrich Tail or back parts. You can draw your own different style Tail but always follow the real ostrich.

Step 3:

step 3

In three steps we draw the outline of the ostrich two-legged. You can draw some different style legs. The outline of the T-leg helps in drawing the future leg.

Step 4:

step Ostrich draw 4

Draw an “s” shape for the neck and the upper edge will draw a circle. Then draw a cone-type design on the right side of the circle. In this step, we complete our outline drawing

Step 5:

Now we are drawing the shape of the ostrich neck and head. First, we draw an outline base in a circle. After that, we draw the throat. Then draw two lines on either side of the “s” baseline.

Step 6:

Erase the line of “s” and head circle. Then draw a body shape based on the body outline.

Step 7:

Now we draw a leg similar to a given figure. This leg we draw the help of the outline of the leg. After drawing the leg, we will erase the baseline of the leg.

Step 8:

How To Draw an Ostrich step 8

Now we draw some father line on the ostrich body. Then we erase all unnecessary lines from our drawing.

Step 9:

ostrich drawing step 9

It’s the last step. Here for the sketch, I am using a marker pen. you can use different grade pencils like 2B, 6B, 4B,8B, and many more.

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