How to Draw Cow for Kids

Draw a diagram of a cow in just a couple of minutes. Yes, guys read it right! Do you like drawing or child want to draw an image of a cow?

It’s a bit hard to make an image of a cow with a pencil. But don’t you worry, here we will provide you with every step-to-step guide on how to draw a cow in a super easy and fast way. Let your child discover their hidden potentials and learn drawing in a very recreational manner.

What do you require? 

To draw an image of a cow, you just require a few of the things as a newbie but soon you will make a perfect image of a cow. 

  1. Hard pencil 
  2. Soft pencil ( for shading “2B “ ) 
  3. Eraser 
  4. Pencil sharpener 
  5. A4 size white paper sheet 

That’s all and you are ready to jump into drawing an image of the cow skillfully. 

Here we will provide you with every step from basics to the end level making your drawing a very fun session. 

Before starting with your drawing, enlarge it and notice every portion of it carefully.  Now you can proceed with the simple step of drawing a cow in a very realistic way. 

Step 1

Draw four dots on the white paper sheet at an equal distance with your pencils. Make an “X” shape connecting the four dots. 

Step 2

Now make an elliptical shape using the lower dots out of the four dots. Inside the elliptical shape making two small circles. Now again make a large urn shape using the two dots for the upper part. 

Step 3

Make the two horns on the upper portion of the cow’s head. And with this the face and head portion of a cow’s image is ready. 

Step 4

Now lightly draw the body structure of a cow. Then draw the two legs of the cow by giving four  straight lines on both sides. Join the ends of the four straight lines on both sides. 

Step 5

Draw the udder of the cow as shown in the figure below. 

Step 6

Now, draw two slightly bent lines as the tail of the cow. Draw a small-cap shape-like structure at the end of the tail & shade it with a pencil or black marker. 

Step 7

Now make spots on the body of the cow and shade it darkly to give it a real look like the patches on a cow’s body part. 

And you’re done with your drawing. Your super easy and quick drawing of a cow image is ready to show everyone. Hope you enjoyed the process!

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